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Strength in Numbers

Local small business retailers are the cornerstone of communities. The QuiltOS provides leverage to empower mom-and-pop shops with access to modern software to give them a competitive advantage over mass-market sellers.

Just like you help independent retailers compete against the big box chains, we level the playing field so specialized POS software providers can compete against point of sale industry juggernauts.

QuiltOS: Empowering Specialized POS Software Companies with a System Built for Success.

Access a proven system designed to accelerate your business operations and help you reach and serve more customers.

Business Systems

Integrate your data and provide access to a suite of business optimization and communication tools to streamline your workflow.

Sales and Marketing

In addition to cutting-edge sales and marketing tools, you can plug into our wealth of industry best-practices and playbooks to help skyrocket your company’s growth.

Technology and Security

Build the technology foundation to scale your business with industry-leading technology solutions including Quilt Data Lake and our fully-staffed cybersecurity team to protect your customers and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Economies of Scale

Enjoy the benefits and savings from joining a larger entity. As part of the QuiltOS, you can access more competitive rates for things like credit card processing and payment services like BNPL.

Will the QuiltOS Work for My Business?

The QuiltOS has been proven across a wide variety of industries. We won’t know for sure until we schedule a call, but here are some industries currently powered by the QuiltOS:

Here's What Owners Who Have Joined the Quilt Family Have to Say.

“The key component of choosing Quilt was that Andrew and Jeremy outlined a vision that was virtually identical to the vision that we had developed ourselves. So then when we met and talked, it was actually very obvious, very quickly, that this was a really great fit.”

Sean Roylance
Founder | Rain

“We were seeking a partner that could not only provide access to capital and expertise, but most importantly, would allow us to scale and align with our culture. Quilt checked all these boxes. Ultimately, it was an opportunity for growth we just couldn’t pass up.”

Cort Ouzts
President | POS Nation

“Since we joined a year ago, our business has grown 150%, and we are uniquely positioned to continue to grow at around 100% year over year. Our mission was and continues to be to help small businesses thrive, and the more we grow, the more we are executing against that mission.”

Luke Henry
VP | Rain

“I was doing a lot of work 24/7. Since Quilt have come along, all of the sales, all the lead generation, all the support, all the onboarding has been removed, and that’s meant that I’ve been able to focus a lot more on product. Being able to work stress-free without so much pressure and be able to focus on product is going to have an enormous impact.”

Martin Webb
Founder | TudoDesk

Take Your Place in the Pattern of Success

You’ll fit the pattern if:

You sell a specialized POS solution to a unique market.

You want to 10X your business or step back and enjoy what you have earned.

You have an established customer base.

You have achieved consistent growth.

You have an experienced management team.

You love your brand and want to see your legacy continued.