A Pattern for Success

Software for specialty POS and inventory management

Assembling Unique Pieces

  • Quilt acquires companies with leadership in their specific markets
  • Businesses retain their brand and customer-facing identity
  • Solutions leverage expertise and technology for a specialized customer set
Specialty vertical-specific POS software designed by entrepreneurs with deep industry expertise
Inventory management solutions for high-SKU businesses with complex software requirements
High volume of payments flowing through software at the retail or wholesale level

With A Solid Backing

We understand the needs of those who have built a company and desire a new challenge.

A Foundation for Your Business

  • Dedicated M&A teams to help you expand your business
  • Payment processing services and technology to offer your customers world-class solutions
  • Consultative go-to-market expertise to help drive your business

Backed by PSG

  • Founded in 2014, PSG has since raised over $10 billion in capital
  • PSG has invested in dozens of vertical software and integrated payments companies, and facilitated hundreds of add-on acquisitions
  • To learn more about PSG, visit psgequity.com

Be a Part of the Quilt

While we are always ready to discuss an opportunity, we tend to look for:
  • Strong revenue
  • Consistent growth
  • A dedicated, experienced management team
  • A solid customer base
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