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Supporting Local Independent Retailers by Empowering the POS Software Providers that Serve Them.

The Quilt Mission

Local economies and small business retailers are the cornerstones of their communities. We empower mom-and-pop shops with access to specialized software to give them a competitive advantage over corporate retail giants.

You help local merchants compete against the big box chains. We help you compete against POS software industry juggernauts.

Explore the QuiltOS

“The key component of choosing Quilt was that Andrew and Jeremy outlined a vision that was virtually identical to the vision that we had developed ourselves. So then when we met and talked, it was actually very obvious, very quickly, that this was a really great fit.”

How We Help Small Businesses

We acquire specialized point-of-sale software companies to service small businesses with unique inventory management needs or targeted POS requirements. We integrate them into our proprietary QuiltOS system and provide the tools, resources, and consultative expertise they need to rapidly grow their businesses and serve more customers while keeping the customer-facing brands they’ve worked hard to build.

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“We were seeking a partner that could not only provide access to capital and expertise but most importantly, would allow us to scale and align with our culture. Quilt checked all these boxes. Ultimately, it was an opportunity for growth we just couldn’t pass up.”

What Makes Quilt Different?

We're a Software Company, Not a Private Equity Fund.

We believe that our businesses’ strength lies in our differences, so naturally, we do things differently.

Join the Quilt Family and Turn Your 10-Year Plan Into a 5-Year Plan

If you own a specialized point-of-sale software company and you’re looking to 10X the amount of customers your business serves, or looking to move on but carry on your legacy, Quilt can make your dream a reality.


Join Quilt

Schedule an introductory call with us to see if your brand is a good fit for the Quilt family and to discuss your goals for your personal life and for your business.


Take Your Place in the Pattern of Success

We’ll come up with an acquisition strategy that meets your goals, then our experienced M&A team will provide a smooth transition for your team.


Accelerate Your Business Growth

Collaborate on implementation of the QuiltOS, a system designed to dramatically improve your business’ internal operations, and reach more customers.

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What Entrepreneurs Like You Have to Say About Joining the Quilt family

““Since we joined a year ago, our business has grown 150%, and we are uniquely positioned to continue to grow at around 100% year over year. Our mission was and continues to be to help small businesses thrive, and the more we grow, the more we are executing against that mission.”

Luke Henry
VP | IT Retail

“I was doing a lot of work 24/7. Since Quilt have come along, all of the sales, all the lead generation, all the support, all the onboarding has been removed, and that’s meant that I’ve been able to focus a lot more on product. Being able to work stress-free without so much pressure and be able to focus on product is going to have an enormous impact.”

Martin Webb
Founder | TudoDesk